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2015 Annual Report


Risk Assessment

Management and

Research Outcomes





Laboratory and

Testing Network

Risk Communication

and Consumer



Cooperation and

Cross-Strait Exchange






Policy and








(4) TFDA also continued to promote food sanitation and safety in radios, TV, and printed media. A

total of 18 articles entitled

Gastronomic Science

were published on UDN News, allowing readers

to analyze food safety from a scientific perspective. Media broadcasting was released in 64,312

documents or exposures to reach about 20 million individuals.

(5) In response to amendments to the

Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation

, multiple promotion

and interpretation seminars were held to clarify key amendments. Promotional posters were also

printed and uploaded for public download and access.

6. Management of Standard Contract Terms

(1) Based on Paragraph 1, Article 17 of the

Consumer Protection Act

, TFDA made amendments to

three standard contracts related to food and food services, namely

Mandatory and Prohibitory

Provisions of Standard Contract for Goods (Service) Coupons of Food Service, Reservation and

Catering (Bando) Service Standard Form Contract Template

, as well as

Mandatory and Prohibitory

Provisions of Standard Contract for Mail Order Purchase of Food or Food Service

. Seminars were

held to help communicate these changes to help business owners uphold principles of trust and

obligations for protecting the consumers' rights.

(2) In accordance with the regulation, food and food service must fully disclose relevant information so

that consumers are able to discern the contents of the products and determine the extent of their

rights. One may also dial 1950 the national consumer service helpline in the case of disputes or

ask for assistance from local consumer protection officials or health bureaus.

(3) TFDA also created a

Standard Contract Template for Slimming and Beauty Services

as a reference

for both business owners and consumers. Business owners must follow the amendments to the

Mandatory and Optional Items to be Included in Standard Contract Terms for Slimming and Beauty

Products (Services) Coupons

and the

Mandatory and Optional Items to be Included in Standard

Contract Terms for Slimming and Beauty Products

made on 15 August 2014 when establishing

contractual terms to ensure compliance to consumer protection regulations and safeguard consumer


7. Promoting Medicinal Product Usage Safety and Pharmacist Care Services

(1) To improve public knowledge on drug usage, TFDA focused on the theme of Common Drugs -

Antacids in 2014. Press conference entitled Stomach medicine only works if used right


held on 25 September,

revealing the result of

public drug use behavior

surveys for antacids. On

28 September, TFDA

hosted a 925 Drug Use

Safety Day and Health

Education Promotion


Health Defense -

Press Conference on

National Schoolchildren

Medicinal Use Survey

and Award Presentation

Figure 10-2

Stomach medicine only works if used rigth

press conference