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Food and Drug Administration


3. Food Safety Defense League

(1) To establish the Food Safety Defense League, food and nutrition science departments of major

universities in Taiwan were invited to set up 5 League Centers and 13 Seed Institutions. Specialized

teams were established during this period to create

Food Safety and Sanitation

education manual

and lesson materials. These information and resources were used to construct network platforms and

Facebook groups for the league to create a short video entitled

Food Safety for the Whole Family


educate the public on food safety.

(2) The League also conducted tours in major universities and colleges throughout the country to provide

seminars for

Food Safety Defense League

seed instructors, training a total of 960 students from

food and nutritional science departments as qualified seed instructors. 129 of these seed instructors

visited junior high and elementary schools to promote food safety and sanitation education, providing

lessons to a total of 13,944 individuals. On 10 December 2013, the League held a press conference

on the promotion outcomes. Members of the League shared project results with the general public in

order to demonstrate the League's determination in safeguarding food safety and the effectiveness of

their measures.

4. Training Program for Food Sanitation Volunteers

(1) The

Training Program for Food Sanitation Volunteers

was initiated in 2013. Spirited individuals

concerned with food safety issues were recruited and undergo basic training for food safety

knowledge and competences so that they may play a part in upholding food safety throughout the


(2) In 2014, a total of 1,500 individuals were recruited as Food Sanitation Volunteers. When major food

safety incidents occurred, these Volunteers would visit communities to promote correct food safety

concepts and awareness amongst the general public. At other times, the Volunteers will help health

agency personnel in the districts to promote food safety and health information, with 7,151 individuals

benefiting from such promotion programs.

5. Advocating Food Safety and Sanitation

(1) TFDA organized 9 special media interviews related to the

Tainted Oil Incident

to strengthen the

awareness for correct use and selection of oil products and eliminate uncertainties among the public.

A total of 3 printed advertisements, titled

Six Measures for Strengthening Food Safety - Defense,

Six Measures for Strengthening Food Safety - Cracking Down Intentional Adulteration

, and


New Family Safeguards for Food Safety

, were also created to communicate correct food safety


(2) Implementing

Elementary School Food Sanitation and Safety Promotion Program

: Creative drama

competitions were organized. Exciting drama performances by school groups were used to help

promote and internalize food sanitation and safety concepts.

(3) In 2014, TFDA organized promotional activities for food safety education at Food Taipei, the

international food expo, the Kaohsiung Food Show, the Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Souvenir Sales

Promotion Tour, the Southern Taiwan Biotechnology Expo, the Lifestyles & Regimen Exhibition, and

other food-related public exhibitions to strengthen public awareness and knowledge on health food

logos and food service sanitation ratings and assessments.