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Food and Drug Administration


(3) The

Real-time drug safety information monitoring and delivery platform

was established to monitor

domestic and foreign drug safety and quality alerts, and to announce the alerts to the public in time.

A total of 103 domestic medicinal product recall alerts, 36 consumers red and green light information,

and 12

Risk Communication letters

were released.

(4) TFDA established the drug safety

Education leraning Website

to provide educational materials and

lesson plans on correct drug usage. The website was browsed by more than 400,000 visitors.

(5) The

Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Advertisement Violation Inquiry System

provides a quick and instant

audit implementation system that helps disseminate correct information amongst the general public.

2. Use of Facebook Fan Group

(1) The

Shiyong Wanjia

(practical health tips about food) Facebook Group has been established, with

posts that describe interesting and practical lifestyle tips coupled with the latest events for the

purpose of public education and awareness.

(2) Other resources such as

Anti-Drug Resource Library

and the Facebook fan group of safe and

peaceful sleep were also established to strengthen the benefits of drug abuse prevention advocacy.

(3) The

TFDA Safe Cosmetics Use

Facebook Group and Blog were established. The

TFDA Select

Cosmetics and Beauty Atelier and Cosmetics True or False Quiz with Prizes

were also released on

the Internet.

3. Providing Relevant Information Channels

(1) Various digital press articles on food and drugs (such as the Food & Drug Consumer Newsletter) are

available for public subscription. These publications provide immediate coverage of the latest news in

Taiwan and other countries as well as information on public concerns.

(2) Internet activities such as the

Incredible Medical Device Superman Development Program


organized, using games such as

limited time classification competitions and medical device quizzes

to help the public gain knowledge about medical devices.

(3) In 2014, a total of 20 food and drug publications were released, including the

Taiwan Food and Drug

Administration Annual Report

(Chinese and English versions),

Medical Device GMP, a Cross-Generation

Driver for Quality: 1989~2014, Minimum Requirements for Biological Products IV

, and

Manual for the

Food Additives Traceability System

, providing the general public with a diverse selection of reading

materials to satisfy their right to access information (refer to Appendix 2 for the list of publications).