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Food and Drug Administration


Figure 1-1

Organization chart of, Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare





Chief Secretary

Deputy Director-General


Northern Center

for Regional


Central Center

for Regional


Southern Center

for Regional


Division of Planning and

Research Development

Division of Food Safety

Division of

Medicinal Products

Division of Medical

Devices and Cosmetics

Division of

Controlled Drugs

Division of

Research & Analysis

Division of

Risk Management


Regional Center

Administration Office

Task Force Unit

Factory for

Controlled Drugs

Collaborative Partner

Center for

Drug Evaluation

Taiwan Drug

Relief Foundation

Office of Secretariat

Office of Personnel

Office of Accounting

Office of

Service Ethics

Office of

Information Management

3. At the merger of 2010, TFDA had a personnel headcount of 467 individuals. In 2011, the

task of border inspections was handed over from the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of

Standards, Metrology and Inspection to TFDA, raising personnel headcount by 18 individuals

to a total of 485. However, the headcount was reduced in 2012 to 484 to reduce redundant

personnel. In 2013, in response to organizational restructuring and the need to carry out

relevant businesses, the headcount was further increased to 527 individuals. In 2014, TFDA

headcount was once again raised to 602 individuals after approval by the Executive Yuan.