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Food and Drug Administration


(3) Collaborative Testing: Providing support for paid or commissioned tests as well as testing for forensic

purposes for illegal medical products, controlled drug and narcotics, and pharmaceutical adulterants

in prescriptive Chinese herbal medicines and food products. A total of 3,053 tests were carried out,

of which 2,572 cases tested positive for pharmaceuticals, drug misuse, or other nonconformities.

3. Formulating and Promoting Testing Methods

(1) In 2014, 18 official analytical methods for food items were published. In addition, 60 and 10

recommended analytical methods for food products and cosmetics were published, respectively.

(2) In response to food safety and adulteration incidents, the

Method of Test for Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

in Oils and Fats,


Method of Test for Acrylamide in Oils and Fats,


Method of Test for Dimethyl

Yellow and Diethyl Yellow in Food, the Method of Test for Animal-Derived Ingredients in Tainted Oils

and Fats - Qualitative Test of Swine, Chicken, Bovine, Ovine and Fish Ingredient,


Method of Test for

Animal-derived Ingredients in Food - Qualitative Test of Zeus faber Ingredient, and the Method of Test for

Animal-derived Ingredient in Food - Qualitative Test of Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Ingredent


been developed accordingly.

(3) Development of rapid screening programs of food contaminants. A state of art high resolution mass

spectrometer supported with the concept of massive database is utilized to develop appropriat

testing method for simultaneous detection of preservatives, colorants, food additives, and other

complex residues in foods. Analytical methods were also developed to identify adulterants in honey

by element analysis and isotope ratio mass spectrometers.

(4) A total of three conferences entitled

Food Hygiene Analysis, International Food Analysis,

and the


Cross-Strait Technical Exchange and Conference for Medicinal Product Testing

were held.

(5) Issue the

Minimum Requirements for Biological Products IV

and held the

Minimum requirement

for biological products Workshop

to promote bidirectional exchange between the industry and the

competent authorities.

4. Preparation and Supply of the Standard

997 vials of candidate standard and 988 vials of working standard of the HBV genotype C DNA

were prepared to establish the national standards which can be provided to the manufacturers and

blood centers for the development and quality control of the molecular diagnostics to advance the

biotechnology industry.