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Food and Drug Administration


b. TFDA approved and issued a total of 28,708 licenses in 2014, of which 6,219 licenses were

granted to domestically made cosmetics while 22,489 licenses were granted to imported products

(Figure 6-3).

(2) Cosmetic Advertisement Examination

a. To help business owners'gain better understanding on the procedures for producing and applying

for cosmetic advertisements, TFDA has promulgated the

Guidelines for Cosmetics Advertising

and Rules for Application of Drugs and Cosmetics Advertising for reference and compliance.

Additionally, TFDA has produced leaflets titled Tips for Identifying Legal Cosmetic Advertisements

to help consumers correctly identify legal advertisements.

b. To unify examination standards for cosmetic advertisements, TFDA has promulgated the


Advertising Act and Examination Manual

and an

Enumeration of Expressions that are Appropriate or

Inappropriate to be Claimed for Cosmetics.

To ensure the comprehensiveness of rules governing the

examination of cosmetic advertisements, TFDA is also using its cosmetic advertisement management

consultation committee to investigate special cases and provide professional opinions.

c. In 2014, TFDA received a total of 1,449 applications for cosmetic advertisements, of which 1,286

were approved (88.7%).

Japan 32%

Italy 12%

US 11%

Others 28%

Germany 7%

France 10%

Imported from

Mainland China

932 (3%)

Imported 21557 (75%)

Domestic 6219 (22%)

Imported from

Figure 6-3

Number of licenses granted for medicated cosmetics as of 2014