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Food and Drug Administration


Figure 9-6

2014 Cross-Strait High-level Meeting for Medical and Medicinal Product Safety Management and

Research and Development Work Group

Policies and Outcomes

1. Institutionalization of Meetings

(1) Food Products

According to the Cross-strait Agreement on Food Safety, TFDA has held two meetings with experts

from competent authorities of Mainland China in 2014:

a. The

Eighth Expert Meeting of Cross-Strait Food Safety Competent Authorities

was held in

Kaohsiung, Taiwan with the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the Mainland

China on 19 May 2014 to discuss topics that include the implementation status of agreement

clauses, management progress and measures for plasticizers, and key revisions made to food

safety regulations on both sides. Both sides agreed to use the platform of the Expert Meeting of

Cross-Strait Food Safety Competent Authorities, and continue to exchange the latest versions of

amended laws and regulations, in order to strengthen the standards of food safety management

on both sides of the Strait.

b. The

Fifth Import and Export Food Safety Meeting for the Cross-Strait Food Safety


was held in Taichung, Taiwan during 9-10 July 2014 with the General Administration of Quality

Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of Mainland China (AQSIQ) to discuss various topics that


improved cross-Strait notification for food safety incidents and nonconforming product

identified at the borders, cross-Strait food safety management systems, management of imported

aquacultural products from Taiwan, and testing and monitoring of vegetable oils.

Both sides agreed

to continue their collaboration on regarding food safety border management systems, and promote

mechanisms for real-time information exchange and recognition.

(2) Medicinal Products

After entering into the

Cross-Strait Cooperation Agreement on Medicine and Public Health


in 2014 (Figure 9-6), Medical and Medicinal Products Safety Management and Research

and Development Work Group has conducted eight exchange and work meetings (Table 9-1) as well

as section meetings and communications on non-critical topics to simplify meeting procedures.