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Food and Drug Administration


Section 2. Globalization of Laboratory Testing

1. Food Field

(1) The

2014 International Conference on Food Testing Technology

was held on 30 October 2014.

Experts from the Swiss Official Food Control Authority and Eurofins of France were invited to share

their experiences and research outcomes on testing for adulterants in fruit juices, spices, and

other food products. About 200 people from county and local health bureaus, private laboratories,

universities and colleges, and other relevant testing institutions attended this Conference.

(2) In September 2014, TFDA attended the chemical expert work group meeting of the International Olive

Conference (IOC) held at Madrid, Spain, as a special guest to discuss the copper chlorophyll testing

method developed by Taiwan.

2. Medicinal Product Field

(1) In 2014, TFDA was invited to participate in the collaborative study of

Fifth WHO International Standard

for HCV for NAT-based assays.

(2) In October 2014, TFDA attended the 50


anniversary conference of the EDQM, and joined the poster

exhibition with posters entitled

Reference Standards for Biologics and in vitro diagnostics in Taiwan


Trends in the Pharmaceutical Adulterants in Dietary Supplements in Taiwan

. TFDA also visited

the laboratories of EDQM to gain information on the updates in the EU pharmacopoeia and Official

Medicinal Control Laboratory Network. This information will help to align Taiwan's medicinal products

testing specifications and methods with the intenartional trends as well as strength international

collaboration for the standards establishment.

(3) TFDA traveled to Maryland in the United States to attend the



Annual Conference on Vaccine


organized by the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) held at the end of

April 2014 to understand the latest information and trends in the development of emerging vaccines,

management and safety assessments of adjuvant vaccines, and current status of research for new

influenza vaccine being carried out in Europe, the United States, and other developed countries.

(4) The National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB) of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia dispatched

two officials to TFDA in October 2014 for the two purposes of acquiring practical experiences on

medicinal products testing and management and carrying out bilateral exchange between the two


3. Medical Devices Field

In November 2014, TFDA visited Covidien's surgical-use medical device manufacturing plant as well

as Johnson & Johnson's contact lens manufacturing plant in the United States to study quality testing

and verification technologies for medical devices.

4. Cosmetics Field

In September 2014, TFDA was invited to attend the

International Conference for Regulatory

Harmonization for Cosmetics and Cosmetic Nanotechnology Management

to offer a presentation


Achievements in Cosmetics Research and Analysis in Taiwan.