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2015 Annual Report


Risk Assessment

Management and

Research Outcomes





Laboratory and

Testing Network

Risk Communication

and Consumer



Cooperation and

Cross-Strait Exchange






Policy and








in GCP inspections. Contact persons have been established and regular meetings will be hosted for

discussion of future cooperation directions.

(3) TFDA signed the

Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the regulation of Health Product

with the Food and Drug Administration Philippines (FDAP) remotely through foreign representative

offices of both countries on 12 September 2014. The purposes of this Memorandum are to establish

a bilateral channel of communication for exchanging documents and information on food, medicinal

products, medical devices, and cosmetics, explore possible avenues of collaboration, and formulate

suitable joint monitoring and supervisory activities to establish a basis of collaboration for both


3. Hosting Large International Conferences

(1) The

2014 EU-TW Food Safety Seminar

was held in Taiwan during 4-5 June 2014. Officials

from the European Commission, experts and representatives from EU member states, and

industrial representatives of companies in Taiwan and EU were invited, the seminar covers market

supervision, product labeling, consumer protection, and other monitoring measures currently

employed in both Taiwan and Europe as well as communication mechanisms used by the EU

when dealing with food safety crises. The purpose of this Conference was to encourage relevant

agencies and groups in Taiwan to comply with international standards (Codex Alimentarius) and

best practices By using thorough and in-depth exchanges and discussions amongst industry,

government, and academia, it is expected to further achieve international harmonization of

food safety regulation and standards, encourage the Taiwanese food industry to upgrade, and

guarantee the welfare of fellow consumers.

(2) The

Conference on International IVD Medical Devices Regulations

was organized by TFDA and

held on 2 September 2014. Officials of authorities in charge of

in vitro

diagnostic (IVD) medical

devices as well as industry experts were invited from five countries, namely the United States, the

United Kingdom, China, Australia, and Indonesia. In addition to helping manufacturers in Taiwan

gain access to the latest regulations and information from around the world, the conference also

provided a platform for communicating relevant regulations to help the development of Taiwan's

IVD medical device industry.

(3) The

2014 International Symposium of Cosmetics Regulation and Nanotechnology


was organized by TFDA and held on 15-16 September 2014. Experts and academics from

the United States, EU, Japan, ASEAN, Mainland China, and Taiwan were invited to share the

latest developments and practical experiences on regulations governing nanomaterial content in

cosmetics, to further understanding on the latest management systems and future management

trends for cosmetics containing nanomaterials from around the world.

(4) The

2014 International Symposium on Cosmetic Regulations

was organized by TFDA and held

on 1 October 2014. Experts and academicians from the EU, Malaysia, the United States, Japan,

and Mainland China were invited to introduce topics on cosmetic management, and directions

for future regulatory revisions in Taiwan. The Symposium also helped improve understanding

of cosmetic management regulations, content and product safety assessments, and the latest

developments in alternatives to animal testing of cosmetics in various countries.