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Regulations Governing the Labeling which shall be labeled of Infant and Follow-up Formula

【Update Date:2023-12-29unit:食品組

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for infants. The Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan encourages making breastfeeding a priority. If there are other feeding concerns, you shall first consult with doctors, nutritionists, or health care professional to decide whether there is a need for a breast milk substitute.
Because infant formula and follow-up infant formula may be used as a breastmilk substitute which satisfies the nutritional requirements of infants and supplement the nutritional needs for the growth and development of older infants, a stricter measure of food safety management is taken in Taiwan. Additional labeling requirements for infant formula and follow up infant formula are stipulated in “Regulations Governing the Labeling which shall be labeled of Infant and Follow-up Formula” (hereafter, the Regulations) and related regulations. Required information on the label of formula product is as follows: infant's iron needs, storage and preparation instructions, feeding guide, the characteristics of the products and applicable users for products for special medical purposes, and warning statements about preparation and use and the addition of complementary foods. Additionally, the recognized label of “woman with baby” with the phrase “Breast milk is the best food for your baby” and “Ministry of Health and Welfare cares for you” shall appear on the product label. Phrases like “humanized”, “maternalized” or other similar phrases suggesting superiority to breast milk shall not be labeled.
The full text of the Regulations is available on the TFDA website (http://consumer.fda.gov.tw/Law/Detail.aspx?nodeID=518&lawid=829).