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TFDA hosts “2023 APEC Communication Platform for Analytical Techniques - Food from Biotechnology-Derived Crops Workshop”

【Update Date:2023-10-17unit:研究檢驗組

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), Ministry of Health and Welfare hosts 2023 APEC Communication Platform for Analytical Techniques - Food from Biotechnology-Derived Crops Workshopon October 17th at the GIS MOTC Convention Center in Taipei. The workshop aims to improve the exchange of analytical techniques and testing expertise for food from biotechnology-derived crops in the Asia-Pacific regions. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has supported the workshop, which was formally endorsed in May.

For the workshop, TFDA has invited experts and scholars from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Academia Sinica, and TFDA. They will share their knowledge of analytical techniques, surveillance and related experiences for detecting biotechnology-derived crops such as genetically modified food. The workshop is attended by roughly 100 domestic and international professionals and researchers from government organizations, academic institutions, and industry. The workshop aims to provide a rich learning and knowledge-sharing environment that will benefit all attendees significantly.

TFDA is committed to ensuring a safe food environment for the public. In addition to legislation, enhancing source control, and inspections, TFDA works on analytical techniques to enable evidence-based administrative enforcement. Given the rapid breakthroughs in analytical technologies and new methodologies, the workshop contributes to the advancement of domestic analytical techniques and their alignment with international best practices, hence facilitating opportunities for international cooperation and communication between Chinese Taipei and other Asia-Pacific economies.