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The Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Development Award show Taiwan's pharmaceutical biotechnology innovation and research and development capabilities!

【Update Date:2023-04-10unit:企劃及科技管理組

The Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Development Award (PTRD) was jointly hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Economic Affairs in accordance with the "Regulations Governing Incentive Rewards for Research and Development of Pharmaceutical Technology" and "Regulations Governing Incentive Rewards for Research and Development of Innovative Medical Devices Technology". There are three categories of the awards: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and manufacturing technology. Industries were invited to participate through diversified for applications and promotion activities. The award ceremony was held to give praise in public and encourage award-winning units, exhibiting the innovative capabilities of Taiwan's pharmaceutical biotechnology industry and research and development results.

It has been 21 years since first PTRD award was held in 2001, and more than 200 awards have been given, fully presenting the originality and benefits of product research and development, market potential and contribution to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2022, with the theme of "Pharmaceutical Piloting and Leaping Internationally", 12 gold, silver and bronze awards were presented. Two products were given gold awards, namely: 1. " Dolacga Liver Imaging Agent" was the world's first liver-targeted glycopeptide liver function test frozen crystal drug, which can sensitively detect changes in the severity of liver diseases, and was suitable for liver resection, liver replacement, or as an assessment of the severity of chronic hepatitis and liver cancer , played an important role in future residual liver function quantification and clinical diagnosis decision-making; 2. "Bone Marrow Smear Differential Counting system aetherAI Hema", after taking high-power oil lens images through a microscope, the system automatically detected cell positions and contours , and produced 15 types of bone marrow cell proportion and quantity reports, with a classification accuracy rate of more than 90%. Using AI to interpret the results quickly, it provided quantitative, objective, and repeatedly verified data to improve medical quality and diagnostic efficiency.

In recent years, scientific and technological innovation and research and development have been accelerated, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, especially the performance of intelligent medical device. In the future, more excellent research and development teams will be encouraged to invest in innovative research and development of drugs and medical device. We will develop vigorously towards internationalization continuously to build the brand value of Taiwan's pharmaceutical biotechnology.