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Taiwan FDA holds the “Conference on Analytical Techniques for Cosmetics” to promote international interaction and collaboration in analytical technology

【Update Date:2021-09-08unit:研究檢驗組

      In order to promote international interaction and collaboration in the field of cosmetics analytical technology, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) holds the “Conference on Analytical Techniques for Cosmetics” on September 8, 2021. This conference is conducted as a webinar and has invited 6 cosmetic analytical experts from Switzerland, the United States, Thailand and Taiwan to jointly conduct the event, introducing the current cosmetic analytical techniques and its future trend. Approximately 300 representatives from the industries, government agencies, academic and research institutes attend and fully participate in the event, discussing and exchanging ideas with each other to enhance the analytical techniques and capacity and safeguard the safety of consumers.
      Owing to the vigorous growth of global cosmetics industry in recent years, the safety and quality of cosmetic products have gradually drawn attention. Monitoring newly emerging substances of concern or unexpected residual substances in cosmetics relies on the improvement of analytical techniques. To bring up-to-date with the latest development of cosmetic analytical technology in the world, 6 experts and scholars from Switzerland, the United States, Thailand and Taiwan are invited to give speeches online and discuss relevant issues. The analytical chemist from the Swiss official laboratory and the European Network of Official Cosmetics Control Laboratories (OCCLs) introduces the multi-method for cosmetics development and application in Europe. The expert from the Eurofins CEI in the United States shares the latest techniques for asbestos analysis in cosmetics. The Thai scholar specializing in natural products research field from Maejo University is invited to share her experiences in developing plant based cosmetic products in Thailand. Additionally, domestic scholars and the TFDA officers respectively share the cosmetics analytical techniques and experiences in methods development and relevant achievements in Taiwan.
      Through this conference, the TFDA share the analytical techniques and experiences with experts from various countries to learn from each other to strengthen the multilateral technical collaboration and information sharing. It helps enhance the knowledge of the latest analytical techniques and align Taiwan’s cosmetics analytical technology with international standards.