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An online learning platform operated by the Center for Clinical Trial Training in Taiwan (CCTTT)

【Update Date:2020-01-31unit:藥品組

With the rapid growth of drug development, the design and conduction of clinical trials has become more complex. In order to promote the knowledge and understanding of conducting clinical trials in Taiwan, an online learning platform has been established at the Center for Clinical Trial Training in Taiwan (CCTTT) at https://www.ccttt.org.tw/mooc/index.php. The online program, with the support of Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), will provide the key elements and principles of clinical trial design, delivery and analysis. This program is suitable for graduates or practitioners in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, life sciences and other allied disciplines involved in clinical trials. It provides a way to learn at any time, in anyplace, and will be more convenient for learners interested in clinical trials.

The program invites experts from industry, academia and government as lecturers to share their valuable experience in the field. In order to provide quality curriculum design, it will focus on courses with high ratings from previous class satisfaction surveys. This will support the need for appropriately qualified investigators to conduct clinical trials at all stages. Those participated in the entire course and passing the assessment will be able to download course certificates on the platform. In addition, it provides continuing education credits for health professionals such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists, and lifelong learning points for government employees.

To enhance the quality of clinical trials, the TFDA has promoted the training courses for clinical trials and the concept of protecting the rights of subjects. These courses focus on the theoretical basis of clinical research and the practical aspects of conducting clinical trials such as the principles of early trial design features, recruitment of participants, data collection, etc. There will be other important courses coming one after another. The program is delivered online, allowing for a curriculum design that caters to different ways of learning. As the online platform is more convenient, anyone interested is encouraged to participate and provide feedback.