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The Powerful Academic Influence of the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis Published by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (2019 Impact Factor: 4.727)!

【Update Date:2021-04-01unit:企劃及科技管理組

The Journal of Food and Drug Analysis (JFDA), published by the Food and Drug Administration, is currently the only international journal issued by a government unit of Taiwan and listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI). It is also the only SCI journal on food science published in Taiwan. It is included in databases like Medline and PubMed by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM). Starting in 1993, JFDA editors have been devoted to enhancing the quality of its articles so it maintains a recognized place in the field of food and drug research. It contains review articles and original articles in the fields of medicine, toxicology, food, medical devices, and cosmetics, focusing on the topics of food, drug, and chemical analysis. Articles on food health effects, analysis and evaluation of food microbes, pharmacokinetics, and Chinese herbal medicines are also featured in this journal. In addition, special issues are published with different themes every year. One of them is the " Special Issue of Novel Approaches of Nanotechnology in Food Science " in 2020, which provided a comprehensive overview of the current advances in the design and development of nanomaterial-based sensors for food analysis. Everyone from all over the world are most welcome to read and cite JFDA.

According to the Journal Citation Report of 2020, JFDA has reached the Impact Factor (IF) of 4.727 in 2019, higher than that of 4.176 in 2018, ranking the 13th among SCI journals of food science worldwide (9.353%, in Q1 among 139), and the 35th among SCI journals of pharmaceuticals (12.963%, in Q1 among 270). It also ranks the third (out of 31) among all the domestic SCI journals. The performance is excellent than ever. To support more convenient services to readers and authors, JFDA official website has been optimized in March 2020, adding features such as "Selected Picture Marquee", "Top Ten Downloaded Articles" and "Daily Selected Articles". These services make the website livelier and increase more opportunity that the articles be read. The Editorial Manager submission and review system, which was launched in December 2020, has a friendly and convenient interface design that allows users to easily and conveniently use whenever they are submitting or reviewing.

JFDA welcomes everyone to download and read the full text for free, or use the submission review system for submission (JFDA official website : https://www.jfda-online.com/journal/; JFDA Editorial Manager submission and review system: https://www.editorialmanager.com/jfda/).