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Reading food nutrition labeling of prepackaged food products and making smart choices over Chinese New Year

【Update Date:2019-02-01unit:食品組

As Chinese New Year approaches, it is common for people to purchase a lot of food for celebrations. Are you aware of the content of nutrients, or calories in the snacks, and what should you pay attention to when purchasing prepackaged foods? TFDA would like to remind the consumers to read the nutrition labeling on prepackaged food products by using three simple steps when you purchase and choose the food that meet your dietary needs.
“1-2-3 simple steps to reading nutrition labelling: 1. Check servings per container. 2. Consider the calories. 3. Choose the nutrients wisely.” The first step is to check the servings per container on the nutrition labeling. The nutrition labeling provides types of information based on “per 100g/ml” or  “daily percentage reference value,” and both measurements must indicate the content of calories and nutrients “per serving.” The second step is to determine the number of servings you are actually consuming and then multiply by the number of calories per serving which is total amount of calories consumed. The third step is to carefully select the nutrients you need based on your dietary needs. The nutrition labeling contains information about the level of calories, carbohydrate, protein, sodium, saturated fat and other nutrients that most people are concerned. Daily percentage reference value can quickly help you to realize the amount of calories and nutrients that the food contributes to a total daily diet which is 2000 calories based on a daily diet.
In addition, when shopping for prepackaged food products, pay attention to the following: Carefully examine food product packaging that is not damaged, and making sure the products have clearly labeled information on ingredients, expire date, contact information of manufacturer, country origins, and nutrition labeling. Although the content of ingredients does not need to be labeled, but the ingredients must be listed in descending order by weights starting by the ingredients that weight the most to the ingredients that weight the less. It is also necessary to check the products the expiry date.
New year represents a new beginning where as people would like to enjoy a happy and healthy life. TFDA reminds you to read the label on prepackaged food products to make smart food choices over the Chinese New Year.