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Taiwan FDA holds the “Conference on Analytical Techniques for Cosmetics”, promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the field of cosmetic analytical techniques.

【Update Date:2019-07-25unit:研究檢驗組

      In order to strengthen the partnership between Taiwan and new southbound countries in the field of cosmetic analytical techniques, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) holds the “Conference on Analytical Techniques for Cosmetics” on the 25th of July 2019 at the third floor conference hall of the Chiayi Office of TFDA. In this conference, cosmetic analytical experts from southbound countries such as Malaysia and India along with other countries like Japan, Italy and Taiwan are invited to give special speeches. More than 100 representatives from the industries, governments, academic and research institutes participate in the event.

      This conference is held according to the TFDA’s annual plan of Analytical Techniques Harmonization of Cosmetic Products and Cooperation with New Southbound Countries. Focusing on the topics of cosmetic analytical techniques, emphasizing the cooperation with new southbound countries and enhancing the connection between Taiwan governments, industries, academic and research institutes and the cosmetic markets in new southbound countries, the conference aims to achieving a final goal of protecting the customers’ safety. In addition to inviting the southbound countries’ experts from Malaysia and India to share their experiences in cosmetic analysis and management, the TFDA also invites the experts from the National Institute of Health Sciences (NISH) in Japan, the Eurofins laboratory in Italy and Taiwan to share the latest developments in cosmetic analytical techniques. The TFDA also shares the development experiences and achievements of cosmetic analytical techniques in Taiwan.
      Through this conference, the TFDA exchanges ideas with multinational experts to learn from each other's relevant analytical techniques and experiences to help enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s industry in the international market, and to promote more collaboration with the world in the field of cosmetic research and analysis techniques.