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Guidance, Law & Regulations

11Control Instructions for Swedish Beef(Open the window)2018-10-29
12Control Instructions for Dutch Beef(Open the window)2018-10-29
13Control Instructions for French Meat(Open the window)2018-10-29
14Control Instructions for Polish Meat(Open the window)2018-10-29
15Control Instructions for U.S. beef(Open the window)2018-10-29
16Control Instructions for Canadian Beef(Open the window)2018-10-29
17Control Instructions for Australian Dairy Products(Open the window)2018-10-29
18Approved Import Range for beef,pork,poultry,lamb and venison2018-10-25
19Import Regulations for the U. S. and Canadian Beef and Beef Products2018-10-25
20Import Regulations for Swedish Beef and Beef Products2018-10-25
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