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TFDA hosts “2018 APEC Workshop on Food Safety and Food Adulterated with Drugs”–Analytical techniques in line with global standard, protecting the health of citizens.

【Update Date:2018-09-12】 unit:研究檢驗組

 For the sake of public safety on food and drug, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration of Ministry of Health and Welfare (TFDA) hosts “2018 APEC Workshop on Food Safety and Food Adulterated with Drugs” from September 12th to 13th at NTUH International Convention Center. TFDA invited nine officials and experts from seven countries such as Germany, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to be speakers in this workshop. A total of about 200 domestic and international experts from industries, official agencies and academics participated in the workshop.

 In recent years, there were complicated and varied food and drug safety incidents happened in Taiwan, such as excessive residues of veterinary drugs or pesticides in food and adulteration of food and drugs. It damaged domestic economy and international image. TFDA has long fought illegal products using source management, enhanced inspections and scientific evidence. Furthermore, we keep handling the development of international innovation analytical techniques and knowledge immediately to meet the need of management. In order to enhance the capabilities of analytical techniques and to be in line with international levels, TFDA organized “2018 APEC Workshop on Food Safety and Food Adulterated with Drugs”.

 In this workshop, a number of international experts have been invited to share the analytical techniques and experience on the two themes of “Analytical Techniques for Food” and “Analytical Techniques for Illegal Drugs”. In the first section, the topic includes analytical techniques for pesticides, veterinary drugs, mycotoxin, food contaminants and genetically modified food. In the second section, the topic includes drug adulteration, unknown identification, the alert system of illegal products and other topics. TFDA expects through this workshop to be helpful for enhancing Taiwan's analytical capabilities. Also, this workshop has got the support of APEC, which promotes international communication and establishes a bridge for cooperation with the southbound countries.