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Taiwan FDA and Malaysia NPRA signed the Collaboration document over Pharmaceutical regulations.

【Update Date:2018-04-25】 unit:企劃及科技管理組

In order to promote New Southbound Policy and allow the Taiwan pharmaceutical industry to better understand the relevant regulations in southbound countries for better market access, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) and the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) of Malaysia have signed the official collaboration document over pharmaceutical regulations on March 26th this year. The collaboration covers 5 main aspects, including:

1. Information exchange.

2. Technical cooperation.

3. Experience sharing on implementation of policies or regulations.

4. Holding periodical working meetings.

5. Holding professional visits and activities as workshops/conferences.

The signing of this collaboration document has successfully expanded exchanges and formalized the cooperation between the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities of Taiwan and Malaysia. Based on the signed document, TFDA will continuously to facilitate regulation harmonization, exchange of scientific detection technologies, and laboratory verification collaboration with the NPRA, to gain their trust in Taiwan’s products. By building mutual trust, TFDA hopes to reduce the duplication of tests and inspections, simplify review process, and thus shorten the time for products to enter the markets in Malaysia and other southbound countries, connecting businesses and eventually promoting the development of pharmaceutical industry within the region.