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Guidance, Law & Regulations

1Regulations Governing the Classification of Medical Devices2022-04-14
2Guidance for Industry to Register Artificial Intelligence_Machine Learning - Based Software as Medical Device (AI_ML-Based SaMD)2021-08-17
3Guidance for Industry on Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices(TFDA)2021-05-05
4Regulations on Good Clinical Practice for Medical Devices2021-05-01
5Regulations Governing Commission of Medical Devices Management and Accreditation of Commissioned Institution2021-05-01
6Regulations Governing Border Inspection and Examination of Imported Medical Devices2021-05-01
7Regulations for Medical Device Recalls2021-05-01
8Regulations for Management of Medical Device Safety Surveillance2021-05-01
9Regulations for Management of Medical Devices Technicians2021-05-01
10Regulations of Medical Device Tracking Management2021-05-01
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