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Guidance, Law & Regulations

1List of Ingredients Prohibited in Cosmetic Products (amended list shall become effective from 1st, July 2022)2022-07-01
2Imported Cosmetics Regulations and Q&A2022-03-30
3List of Microorganisms Limits in Cosmetic Products (amended list shall become effective from Jan. 1st, 2022)2022-01-01
4Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act and Relevant Laws2021-12-23
5List of Colorants in Cosmetic Products2021-07-01
6Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations(Open the window)2020-09-04
7Standards of Administrative Fees for Cosmetics2020-09-04
8Establishment Standards for Cosmetics Manufactory2020-09-04
9Regulations Governing Criteria for the Label, Promotion, Advertisement with Deception, Exaggeration, or Medical efficacy of Cosmetic Products2020-09-04
10Regulations Governing Accreditation and Outsourced Accreditation Management of Cosmetic Testing Institutions2020-09-04
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