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Guidance, Law & Regulations

1Regulations for Approval of Specific Medical Products’ Manufacturing or Importing as a Special Case2019-05-20
2Regulation for Drug Shortage Management2019-05-17
3Regulations for Medicament Recall(Open the window)2019-05-15
4Regulations for Drug Safety Monitoring(Open the window)2019-05-15
5Regulations Governing Reviewing Procedure of Drug Injury Review Committee of Ministry of Health and Welfare(Open the window)2019-05-14
6Regulations for Drug Injury Relief Application(Open the window)2019-05-14
7Drug Injury Relief Payment Standard(Open the window)2019-05-14
8Drug Injury Relief Act(Open the window)2019-05-14
9Regulations for Registration of Medicinal Products2019-05-09
10Fee-Charging Standards for the Review of Medicament and Cosmetic Advertisements 2019-05-07
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