Laws & Regulations

1Regulations of the Lot Release Procedures for Biologics2015-07-05
2Method of Identification for Dimethyl Yellow and Diethyl Yellow in Foods2014-12-24
3Regulations Governing Delegation or Commission of Medicaments Spot-check and Test2014-10-23
4Regulations Governing the Establishment of the Advisory Committee in Food Testing Methods2014-06-17
5Method of Test for Cu-pyropheophytin A in Edible Oils2014-01-28
6Identification of Copper Chlorophyll in Edible Oils2013-11-20
7Fee-Charging Standards for Lot Release, Reference Materials, and Testing of Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics2013-10-02
8Method of Test for Total Amount of Maleic Acid and Maleic Anhydride in Foods2013-05-30
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