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I need to carry Control Drug for my disease into the Customs of Taiwan, R.O.C. What procedures should I follow?

【Update Date:2009-11-17】 unit:管制藥品組

Please follow the see procedures to get a permit.
a. Fill out Application Form and prepare the needed document:
(1)Fill out "STATEMENT FOR PATIENTS CARRYING CONTROLLED DRUGS INTO OR OUT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA". This can be downloaded from the website of FDA(http://www.fda.gov.tw/EN/law.aspx).
(2)Diagnostic Statement issued by licensed physician with patient's name, therapeutic history, controlled drugs prescribed, and daily dosage.
(3)Photocopy of patient's passport and travel document.
(4)Please clearly and correctly list actual volume of controlled drugs to be carried into Taiwan. Please attach photocopy of label or instruction of the said drug (with drug's name, ingredient, concentration, packing information, manufacturer's name, --etc in English) for verification.
b. Please send all the above said material/document to FDA by post mail. The application is free of charge but it will take 7 working days for processing the permit. Once the permit is issued, we will send the permit out to you. Please make sure a clear and correct mailing address is provided.

c. Mailing address of FDA is:

Division of Controlled Drugs, Food and Drug Administration,
Department of Health, Executive Yuan
No.161-2, Kunyang St, Nangang District,
Taipei City 115-61, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Please be kindly noted that according to Taiwan's law, the government authority won't allow any controlled drugs to be sent via post-air or courier to Taiwan without authority permit.